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the essentials package

For do-it-yourself teams, we offer The Essentials Package, a self-directed program filled with self-audit checklists, templates, and video tutorials. In a one-click download, you gain access to a wealth of proposal writing knowledge and a full suite of templates.

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    What’s Included?

    • Complete course guide PDF
    • Audit checklist
    • Training Resources
      • Tutorial video for each template
      • Proposal writing workshop
      • User guide documentation for each template
    • Full suite of templates:
      • Proposal Audit Report
      • Long-form proposal template (Word and InDesign)
      • 2-page resume template (Word and InDesign)
      • Project case study template (Word and InDesign)
      • Proposal Checklist (Word)
      • Go/No-Go analysis (Excel)
      • Level of Effort spreadsheet (Excel)
      • Proposal & Project Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel)
      • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template for proposal management processes
      • And more

    When you purchase the Essentials Package, you receive a step-by-step guide to auditing your proposals, customizing our templates to your brand, and training your team.


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