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Precision Writing Ltd. provides full-service business proposal writing support, template creation, and virtual training for your team. We evaluate every aspect of your proposal writing – from strategy to submission – and give you the road map, customized templates, and hands-on training your team needs to spend less time writing and more time winning.

Since opening our doors in 2015, we have been supporting
engineering, architecture, and construction firms in BC,
Alberta, and Ontario to improve their proposal processes so they can write more compelling proposals in less time. Our team is made up of proposal writers, bid specialists, corporate communicators, copywriters, editors, and graphic designers. Each member of our team brings at least 10 years’ experience and extensive training to every project – and it shows.

Incorporated 2015. Location, remote support across canada. APMP Proposal Writing Professionals. 10+ years of experience

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On average, companies in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction source 40% of their sales revenue through deals involving RFPs. And yet, many firms do not have a dedicated proposal team, resources, or processes in place. This can translate to long nights writing proposals that don’t win, and spending hours cobbling together submissions from old proposals with mixed success.

Our mission is to drastically reduce the amount of time our clients spend writing proposals while simultaneously improving their win rate by 10, 20, even 30%. Our methods have been curated over more than a decade of writing winning proposals in the engineering, construction, and government sectors. It is our pleasure to pass on this knowledge to our clients and watch their
businesses grow.

Alexandra Harrison


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5 ways to avoid burnout

Burnout in the proposal writing industry is a very real threat to our industry. Often, proposals are pushed to the margins by internal teams, which can devolve into writing late into the night and over the weekends to hit deadlines. Once or twice, sure, we roll with the punches. But when the exception becomes the

Holding the Ultimate Kickoff Meeting

You only get one shot at a great proposal kickoff meeting, so make it count. Good kickoff meetings put the controls and processes in place to efficiently produce the proposal and motivate the team. By the end of a good kickoff meeting, participants must clearly understand the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of

Incorporating Customer Language

As proposal industry professionals, we strive to make our proposal stand out and show it’s not a canned response. Often, this means we must rely on sales and account teams to provide information about the customer. But, there’s one angle we can take on our own: researching, identifying and incorporating wording the customer uses in