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Executive Summaries – 8 Tips To Writing Winning Municipal RFP Responses

Mastering Municipal RFP Responses: Crafting Executive Summaries That Win Contracts! In the competitive world of municipal Request for Proposal (RFP) responses, securing contracts requires finesse and skill. One vital element that can make or break your proposal is the Executive Summary. A well-crafted Executive Summary not only captivates evaluators but also serves as a crucial

Starting A Business is Not Easy Peezy. It is Humble Pie.

“Owning your own business is so glamorous!” said no one, ever. Building a successful business requires resilience, determination, a growth mindset, and a dash of serendipity. As fellow APMP members, we’re guessing you’re proficient in your career, maybe even an expert at your craft – whether that’s proposal management, writing, designing, or business development. But